Manufacturing of the Starless Trade

High technology production is our pride!

Our production

The best raw materials and the hardware - Best result!

We use only high-quality raw materials and processing equipment of the best global manufacturers. Our partners are the largest suppliers of raw materials, such as Jujo Thermal Kauttua, Mitsubishi, Koehler, Hansol, Ilim and many other companies.

  • Control at all stages
  • Modern equipment
  • The best raw materials
  • High-quality spare parts


Our modern equipment meets all exacting requirements for production of high-quality and demanded paper products in the round-the-clock mode. Antistatic handling of raw materials and finished goods guarantees durable and safe operation of your equipment.

  • - Our staff - experienced professionals
  • - Personal approach to each client
  • - Wide range of paper products
  • - Original production technology
  • - The best import equipment
  • - Guarantee of success of your business

Long experience of partnership

  • Direct contracts with the Russian and European producers of raw materials
  • The adjusted transport logistics across all Russia and the CIS countries
  • Long experience in production of paper products
  • Exclusive right on distribution of our products on regions
  • Large supply of raw materials and materials. Continuous production

Starless Production company offers distribution of its own paper products. We are also ready to produce products under the private label and advertise on the packaging of our products.
The company STARLESS is a long–term partner of the company Jujo Thermal Kauttua (Japan, Finland).
2018 Starless is the exclusive distributor of a line of papers with high bulk – cardboard from an international company Jujo Thermal Kauttua (Finland, Japan) on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. Updated extended range of high-mass papers without bisphenol A and bisphenol S.
The thermal cardboard now has an improved resistance to external influences. Print efficiency, both on the front and the back is optimal.
Contact our managers and find out more about the classes of top-coated and uncoated papers for use in the production of tickets and labels!


The latest equipment

Purchase of the latest high-speed automatic complex for cutting down labels. Exclusive distribution in the entire territory of the Russian Federation cardboard from the manufacturer Jujo Thermal Kauttua.


Increase in production by 40%

Increase more than for 40% of tonnage production volume and sales of all product assortment of the company. Starless company is the main supplier of all major retailers in Russia: X5 Retail Group ("Пятёрочка", "Перекрёсток", "Карусель", "Копейка"), "Дикси", "Лента", "IKEA", "Red and White", "7Семья", "SPAR", "Idea", "Metro Cash and carry", "О’кей", "FixPrice", " Land".


Development of the new markets

Increase in an assortment: acquisition of the new equipment – an industrial complex on a siliconization and gluing together of all types of label papers and tapes, including thermoactive and the snowy label (Linerless) and also machines on cutting and a pre-print of labels. Increase in exports to Belarus, Kazakhstan, the beginning of regular supplies to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan.


Office paper premium

Registration of the VOTOCOPY brand – office paper of a class B. Supply of office papers of a premium class of the brands Navigator, Discovery, Soproset, replacement of their brand Globulus (The Navigator Company), as exclusive distribution in Russia. Many tenders have been won, including Government contracts, including with the Ministry of Defence, the Russian post, Sberbank, etc.


Land acquisition and buildings

1998-2008 capital repairs and construction of production rooms and warehouses, purchase of the latest industrial equipment, forming of a logistic complex and including own auto fleet. Sales through dealers across all Russia!


Formation of the STARLESS

1993-1997 beginnings of productive activity, registration of the Starless, IPE, and premium AKZENT brand.

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